Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New demo: Network Slice Planning Application v2

NSP enables to simulate the performance (RAM, CPU, Bandwith usage, etc.) and events (Hand-offs operations, Tracking Area Updates, etc.) related to the utilization of eNodeBs and Edge Clouds in a given simulated area against the behavior of a group of mobile users (i.e., walking, biking, or driving), IoT services (i.e., weather sensors, Parking sensors, and air pollution sensors), and UAVs (i.e., home drones and transportation drones). This behavior is defined in terms of mobility patterns and mobile service consumption. In its new version, NSP goes beyond providing basic logs and numbers on handoff operations, tracking area updates, and service requests issued over a specific geographical area during a specific time window. Now, it leverages on LENA NS3 to have detailed information and statistics on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (e.g., temporal variation of PHY Layer KPIs such as RSRP and SINR reported by UEs, temporal PDCP Layer KPIs such as the average PDU size and delay, etc.) and events (e.g., detailed logs related to the signaling messages generated during a HandOff operation such as UE's position, time, cell id, UE's IMSI, average SINR, etc.). It also provides detailed information on drones during their flight time (e.g., the eNB linked to them, position, speed, data usage, mavpacket size, etc.) and gives a view in real time about the cloud resources used in each Edge Cloud. All the simulation data are visualized in a user-friendly and optimized player.

NSP v2 Video demo
URL to NSP v2

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