Our Research Activities

In the next decade, a plethora of immersive services with unprecedent requirements in terms of latency, bandwidth, and interactivity among end-users will emerge. Metaverse is one noticeable example. With Metaverse and alike, there will be multiple virtual/digital worlds co-existing with our actual physical World. Each virtual world will be having its own digital population, its own digital currency, its own characters and features, etc. People will be migrating from a virtual world to another within a second. Connecting people within and across these virtual worlds will necessitate networking technologies that are beyond what we have nowadays. Current network architectures and current IP networking principles will definitely fall short.
At this very initial stage of defining the 6G system, it is the right time for academia to conduct research on 6G, shape up its architecture, and devise its technologies. There shall be a break with the traditional ways we have been adopting in defining new generation system architectures. It is time to cut with the evolutionary paths we have been taking therein. The next decade is absolutely in need of a revolutionary network architecture, supported with revolutionary AI-based networking mechanisms and algorithms, to cope with the huge demands anticipated from future services and use cases. The research work to be conducted under this theme will pave the way for such a revolutionary path, whereby 6G would be more than a “network of networks”, but an agile “service of services” that can be launched with a high level of customization on cloud, near and far edge.
MOSAIC Lab research activities are organized in one of the following research areas, each with some high-level topics. Should any of these topics attract your attention, feel free to drop us a line or check our job Ads!
Autonomous Telco Cloud Management & Orchestration
  • Edge Cloud Fabric
  • AI for Edge Cloud Continuum
  • Cloud & NW Dynamic Prediction
  • Customized Closed Loops & Cross System AI
  • Service Replication across Edge Cloud
  • Sustainable In-Network Computing
  • Autonomous Lifecycle management of Network Slices
Advanced Networking
  • Computation First Networking
  • Deterministic Networking
  • Multi-Constraints Semantic Networking
  • AI-Synthesized Networking
  • New Transmission Protocols
System Architecture Design
  • SBA-based 6G Core
  • Cloud Native Core
  • AI Native 6G System
  • Flexible & Scalable Integration Fabric Design
  • Network DevOps
  • Network Acceleration
  • System Digital Twinning
Secure & Trustworthy Networking
  • Context-Aware Security Provisioning
  • In-Network Security Management & Enforcement
  • Integration Fabric & API Security
  • AI-based Anomaly Detection
  • Adversary AI
  • Security in Metaverse
  • Protection against Location Spoofing in B5G/6G Verticals
Click here to see our past research activities.
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