Thursday, September 14, 2017

5G!Pagoda: 4th F2F Meeting in Helsinki

The 4th F2F meeting took place in Aalto University's conference center Dipoli. It was a very good occasion to connect the different project members and align views regarding the different deliverables and tasks were done.

  • 5G!Pagoda Photos: "Direct Link to flickr"

  • What is the Concept of 5G!Pagoda ?
    Principal goal: Federating Japanese and European 5G Testbeds to Explore Relevant Standards and Align Views on 5G Mobile Network Infrastructure Supporting Dynamic Creation and Management of Network Slices for Different Mobile Services. サービスに応じたスライス動的生成・管理機能の実証と標準化を目的とする日欧連携5G移動通信基盤テストベッド

    5G!Pagoda represents the next evolution step in softwarized networks as supported by NFV, SDN and aimed at by the 5G network evolution. The top objectives of 5G!Pagoda are Transport and Risk Management for critical issues such as Climate Action and Secure Societies.