Job Details

Job Title

R&D on Semantic Communication and Networking for Beyond 5G Mobile Systems

Job Type

Master Thesis Work, Doctoral Thesis Work, or Postdoctoral Research

Job Start Time

Immediately available

Job Duration

Negotiable, Depends on the Job Type

Place of Work

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) – Networks and Systems, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

Job Background

In the beyond 5G era, and along with the convergence of heterogeneous data and task-oriented services delivered on the cellular infrastructure, data streams will contain a significant fraction of semantic overhead, that is, of data delivered to the application layer, but ends up not being relevant or useful. This issue is a direct consequence of Claude Shannon’s dominant design paradigm, according to which the network is mainly oblivious to the semantics of the information bits being transported. With wireless solutions expected to be abundant and mature, taking into account a large number of concurrent services and requests, it will pose a huge burden on the core network segment, which will result in this segment becoming the critical performance bottleneck for future systems. Sematic Communication and Networking (SCN) is critical in these situations, where new ML/AI techniques are required to 1) enable the extraction of information by means of pattern recognition within complex data streams at all layers of the protocol stack, even when the information of interest is not explicitly encoded, and 2) dynamically orchestrate cloud and network resources to cope with the ever-changing requirements of end-users and infrastructure dynamism.

Job Requirements

We are looking for highly motivated students or postdoc researchers who are willing to conduct high-quality research work, developing efficient approaches and methods that leverage zero-touch orchestration concept, AI/ML techniques, and SDN/programmable data planes technologies for enabling semantic-aware automated multi-domain orchestration in beyond 5G infrastructures. We are looking for candidates with good analytical and scientific writing skills, as well as relevant experience in any of the following: Network and 5G/6G concepts, cloud computing fundamentals and technologies (OpenStack and Kubernetes), machine learning concepts and frameworks (DNN, RL, FL, GNN, PyTorch, and TensorFlow), mathematical optimization concepts and tools (IP, LP, MIP, MILP, and CPLEX), programming languages and technologies (Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and Git), and SDN technologies (ONOS, ODL, and P4).


Should you have any inquiry, please contact Dr. Masoud Shokrnezhad at

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